Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Professor's body identified

The body of UI political science professor Arthur Miller was identified during an autopsy this morning using dental records, ending a week of wondering what heppened to him and increasing speculation as to his guilt or innocence over his actions toward four students during finals week in May.

"Miller is accused of offering higher grades to female students if they would let him see or fondle their breasts. He was arrested and charged Aug. 8 with four felony counts of accepting bribes." --GazetteOnline.com

His wife reported him missing Wednesday, Aug. 20. Iowa City police located his BMW in Hickory Hill Park and initiated a two-day search for him in addition to a missing rifle he purchased in June. They ended the search and re-opened the park to the public Thursday night.

"On Sunday, a man [Daniel Hoover of Marion] who works with Linn County Search and Recovery searched the park and found Miller's body in a small, brushy clearing near a meadow on the north side of the park. Miller's body was found slumped over the rifle, lying in a prone position with the yellow blanket nearby . . . about a 5-minute trek on a narrow path from Miller's car." --Press-Citizen.com

My thoughts: From the various local news outlets, it appears that the four female students 1) did not know each other and 2) reported the sexual solicitations by Professor Miller separately and independently of each other, lending credibility to their claims. In addition, the police obtained emails initiated by Professor Miller which "referenced meetings about grades, an extension, a final, assistance and 'grades and offer by Miller to negotiate,' according to an evidence sheet included in the search warrant".

I realize it's easy to assume his guilt since he killed himself, but then again, I believe that an innocent man would want to defend himself. But no matter where you and I fall on this issue, we can agree, at least on a human level, that it's tragic.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

UI professor might be dead...

Breaking news: University of Iowa political science professor Arthur H. Miller was reported missing by his wife early this morning and police located his red BMW this afternoon at Upper Hickory Hill Park in Iowa City near the UI campus. He was charged August 10th with four counts of bribery for soliciting sexual favors from female students in May 2008 in exchange for better grades. He purchased a rifle in mid-June, which is also missing. The GazetteOnline.com is reporting that police think he's dead. WKOWTV is reporting that Miller left a cryptic suicide note for his wife saying he was sorry.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Two months since the flood...

Today I drove through a few neighborhoods near I-380 in downtown Cedar Rapids. The devastation is still overwhelming. I plan to post photos as soon as I upload them from the camera. In the meantime, consider the costs of what the city of Cedar Rapids has spent thus far on flood recovery, posted at my financial blog, "Getting Your Financial House in Order."

Friday, August 08, 2008


I had to blog today simply for the purpose of mentioning August 8, 2008, which must be newsworthy in a numerical sort of way, wouldn't you say?