Thursday, June 12, 2008

Iowa Flood '08

"April showers bring
May tornados
June flooding..."

Pictures to come soon. Pictures posted here. Today my sons and I ventured out after 3 straight days of flooding in Cedar Rapids, to stock up on water, milk, bread and other essentials. While we shopped, yet another major thunderstorm erupted overhead and we drove home in axle-deep water. Fortunately, our home in Marion is on high ground (thank God!). But the water keeps coming--downtown Cedar Rapids is flooded several blocks away from the Cedar River, and Iowa City (and my beloved University of Iowa campus) is flooded along with Coralville. Roads and bridges are closed, college classes cancelled, businesses closed, postal service suspended, homes ruined, and the storms keep coming. We didn't live here in Iowa during the 1993 flood that caused 1/3 of the state of Iowa to be declared a federal disaster area, but officials say that THIS flood has broken all records including 1929 and '93. And unbelievably, the water hasn't yet peaked, and won't until next Tuesday. Calgon, take me away! No, on second thought, I'll huddle in front of my laptop with my cell phone.

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